Tack ifrån Serbien

Dear friends of Balkan Aid,
We send you many greetings from Leskovac, Serbia.

It was very special to have Kalle & Ingeborg, Britt & Mari come to be our guests for the 5th year celebration of GRUS in Leskovac, Serbia.

Many many thanks for your greetings and generosity of 1000 Euros (in Dinars) for GRUS.
We appreciate your gift last year and this year again.
It will be a great help for those in need, especially for the winter months.

Thank you so very much for blessing the poor widowed/singles, women and men in our five groups of GRUS.

May your ministry be richly rewarded and all those who serve in helping others!

Tack sa mycket.
Gud rikligen valsingna dig.

In Jesus Love,
Else Stankovic